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Dragon Age

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    [Feature Added:] Forum ranks

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    [Feature Added:] Forum ranks Empty [Feature Added:] Forum ranks

    Post  Canuto on Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:58 am

    These are the forum titles/rank and images (that come with the rank). I created these so people will be more active on the forums. It's also a nice way to see your reputation (not to be confused with the system) and accommodation in the forums.

    • When the post limit reaches (5000) new ranks and images will be added or changed.

    Rank Posts Image
    New Member 0 none
    Junior Member 25[Feature Added:] Forum ranks 16px-PvPRank01
    Member100 [Feature Added:] Forum ranks 16px-PvPRank02
    Contributor 215[Feature Added:] Forum ranks 16px-PvPRank03
    Senior Member 365[Feature Added:] Forum ranks 16px-PvPRank04
    High Senior Member 685 [Feature Added:] Forum ranks 16px-PvPRank05
    Elite Member1000 [Feature Added:] Forum ranks 16px-PvPRank09
    Grand Elite Member1295 [Feature Added:] Forum ranks 16px-PvPRank10
    Advisor1500 [Feature Added:] Forum ranks 16px-PvPRank11
    Senior Advisor 2050 [Feature Added:] Forum ranks Pvprank12
    Elite Advisor2855 [Feature Added:] Forum ranks Pvprank13
    Grand Advisor500 [Feature Added:] Forum ranks Pvprank14

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
    Hopefully with this thing added people won't spam to get their titles or images. Please, gain your ranks fairly and with good and fair motivation...

    *This might change.

    In addition, I will show you the staff rank & titles.

    Rank Brief Description Image
    Head AdministratorOwner, and is the leading administration. [Feature Added:] Forum ranks K4f49g_th
    AdministratorAdministration of the forums. Supreme bosses under the head administrator. [Feature Added:] Forum ranks 34qps7l_th
    Head Forum Moderator These are global moderators and command the forum moderators. [Feature Added:] Forum ranks K4f49g_th
    Forum Moderator These are the forum moderators. They are the eye of the forums. (Not much detail here). [Feature Added:] Forum ranks 2ntem50_th

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